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Thursday, February 2nd - To Do

Started 2/2/23 by scapermom; 161 views.

From: friedchickn


-4 again.....just brrrr

Should be a calm slow day....not much on the agenda.  Took the dog to get his nails trimmed this morning.  Waiting on a cancellation for a full groom since he's blowing his coat.

Going to do 15 min of taxes....didn't get far yesterday.  LOL

Piano lesson at 3:15.  I'm in good shape so no pre-practice is necessary

The long pliability routine is's usually 45 min to an hour.  I'll be doing that and tomorrow I'll be back to the crossfit since my back is better

No long dog walk...sorry's -4.

I'll start some laundry.  Maybe grab the mail. And do some spot cleaning...

Dinner....might be out again.  $5 pizzas at a local haunt we go to


From: friedchickn


We're pretty pissed about netflix too.  Dd uses it but more importantly...we won't be able to use it on the boat.  And hey, it's the same damn person!!!!  Told dh that's fine...I like Peacock and they're only $5 a month.


From: scapermom


Yeah we need to investigate what would be a good replacement