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Friday-Feb 3rd- to do list

Started Feb-3 by friedchickn; 139 views.
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From: friedchickn


It's soooo cold.  Supposed to drop down to -15 BEFORE wind chill....and boy oh boy has the wind KICKED UP.

Of course dh went skiing....he's insane.

Finished my overnight oats for breakfast with some fresh blueberries.  so good.  Did my pliability workout.  Now I'm just procrastinating on my 15 min of taxes.

I'll practice piano...might do today's workout....

And then we're headed to meet friend's for lunch at a mexican place.

That's about it....

Neat feature I didn't realize...iphone contacts has a search.  You can place comments in the notes section at the bottom of the contact and it's searchable too!!!!  So when your snowblower dies and you can't remember the name of the snowblower repair place....all you have to do is search snowblower!!!!  I'm so excited...maybe too excited.  Did you know it did that?


From: scapermom


Didn’t know that - going to have to put in some notes - my Swiss cheese memory needs that kind of help 

yikes on the cold - our low is 11 nothing in the negative. DD is experiencing negatives up in Ithaca as well


From: scapermom


Trying to pull my day back on track. DH is home & DD’s already FaceTimed twice

Laundry done, dog is skipping breakfast today too bad, kitchen is in progress

zone is to add a personal touch - I’ll see what I can do. May need to run to hobby lobby or something

have some calls to make

found a walk & tone workout I’d like to try

thinking about joining a gym - got an offer for a 21 day free trial 

I didn’t work on the tax packet yesterday either - I got as far as opening it and sighing… so maybe 10 mins on it today?

Think tonight’s a pizza & salad night