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Tuesday, February 7th-to do

Started Feb-7 by friedchickn; 110 views.
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From: friedchickn


It's just been a whirlwind....our vent stack froze on saturday which caused a cascade of issues....I think everything is resolved, but now I've got some cleanup to got down to -22 with windchill making it -50+.  We're lucky that's all that happened. addition to today's cleaning....our normal schedule activities

Pliability workout.  Buti yoga this evening.

taxes for 15 min

piano practice

Lunch is leftovers.  Dinner...turkey and wild rice soup with sourdough I've got to do a ton of prep for that....cause yoga and dinner...

And call GG....sigh


From: scapermom


Can’t imagine it being that cold! Hopefully the ground hogs are wrong & it starts to warm up and quick


From: scapermom


Slept in a bit! Woke up with some kind of bite on my foot. It’s itchy and a single mark and swelled like a mosquito bite? White vinegar stopped the itch and swelling’s going down now. Going to throw my room & bed apart once I finish coffee

Morning routine underway - dog done, laundry going,kitchen tbd

my fitbits on the fritz - not syncing - so need to look into that

want to hit CVS or Walgreens for some V-Day care package items for DD. Maybe grocery too? May scratch that idea and just do an Amazon snack box

should probably swing by the township to pay taxes

missed yesterday’s zone mission - we’re in the kitchen again - it was stovetop and today’s is the silverware drawer

Dog walk later

spend 10 on the bike,maybe some yoga too

no dinner ideas - lots of leftover pork so I might turn that into a stir fry - I’ll make rice for DH