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Thursday, February 24th - To Do

Started 2/23/23 by scapermom; 97 views.
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From: scapermom


So melatonin really helps me get to sleep and stay asleep - but I wake up feeling like there’s cotton in my head. Think I take it too late

Morning routine underway - dog’s out hunting something in the wet leave piles - reminds me I need to see when she’s due for her nexguard - laundry’s going, kitchen started 

going to see if it’s worth using the Fitbit again - only took 3 days to charge and its not even to 100! 

Zone is bedside tables - feel like I just did that so shouldn’t take long

got a pile of mail to go through, should also finish filing

knee’s feeling the cold & damp so may just do a strength routine

owe my sister a call & text to a cousin

DH wasn’t feeling great yesterday but got no details - he just ate when he got home, mumbled something about being tired & a guy he worked with being sick and went up to bed. He sounded a little congested too. But he got up & went to work today. Sigh

may go to Aldis later - they’ve got the grass fed ground beef on sale

I’ve got soup made and some thin steaks to grill for dinner tonight