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Wednesday, March 8th - To Do

Started 3/8/23 by scapermom; 121 views.

From: friedchickn


Nice midweek day ahead....I'll catch up on everything that fell off the's all just small things, but those do add up.

Headed out for my weekly hike with a friend.  Later I'll do a pliability routine.  And that's it...cause I did end up doing yesterday's crossfit workout with dh after work and now I'm soooorrrreeee.

Breakfast was strawberry overnight oats.  I actually made enough for 2 I'll have them tomorrow too.

Lunch is dinner leftovers

And dinner is jamaican jerk chicken shepherd's pie....sounded wildly different.  We usually go out on Wednesday but we're planning for tomorrow to go with some friends.

Blood pressure check this afternoon.

Piano practice

cat litter and maybe a dump run....we could use one, recyclables are piling up.

and that's about it...

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From: scapermom


Morning underway - dog done, laundry needs to be collected & sorted before I put up a wash, kitchen tbd - need to load the breakfast dishes before running it

zone is hotspots in the kitchen

it’s wednesday so bills & what goes with that - i have a nice stack of mail to get through

I should work on the tax packet 

workout - may do the stationary bike again & listen to an audiobook, then do some arm work

have chicken sausages for an easy dinner