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Thursday, March 9th- to do

Started 3/9/23 by friedchickn; 92 views.
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From: friedchickn


Looks like a good day ahead...

Long pliability workout...probably after some computer time.

Maybe a long dog looks beautiful out.  I also have to take him for his nails.

Piano lesson this afternoon.

Breakfast for me was strawberry overnight oats (used a container of strawberries from the freezer).  Dh had a meatball omelet (meatballs were from the freezer too).  I have brown rice steaming for my lunch...leftover honey glazed carrots from Monday, I'll add blackbeans and chopped peppers for a rice bowl kinda effect.  Dh has the last of the leftover meaty cheesy loaf from Tuesday.  Dinner out tonight....$5 pizzas at the local bar with friends

A little laundry, a few random cleaning tasks....and a ton more grand kitten time