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Monday, March 13th-to do

Started 3/13/23 by friedchickn; 140 views.
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From: friedchickn


Monday Monday....oh how it just keeps coming around....

Breakfast is done, kitchen cleaned up (left it in shambles last night).  Did bills, receipts, emails and week money.  Put together this week's list (usually a weekend task)

Working out at 10:30.  Then I'll get cleaned up and putter through a few more tasks....before leaving for games/lunch with my ladies.

I have to stop at the PO and the restaurant on the way.  My book for the book club arrived and I need to pick up 2 gift cards for an auction donation.

Rehoming the cat food that dd's cat can't eat, and coordinating a bulk maple syrup purchase with the ladies.  The vendor offers a discount if you get enough and between the 6 of us....I think we totally can do it.

Practice piano when I get home

Dinner....Thai chicken chili stuffed sweet potatoes.


From: scapermom


Our internet has been in the shitter all weekend & continues this morning. I’ve logged complaints. Guess I’m going to have to call today at some point… 

Morning & monday routines underway - stripped bed, towels replaced, surfaces sanitized, dog out, wiped & fed, laundry going, kitchen will be tackled shortly

rest of the WHB tasks with Flylady later

almost done with the pile of laundry DD brought home 

Zone is the bathroom along with a stash & dash room - mission today is the toilet and to toss something from the stash & dash room

Workout later in the afternoon - maybe a walk at home?

Need to update the planner and work on a meal plan for the week

DH is doing a double so just me & DD for dinner - thinking a chicken stir fry unless she wants something special

Breaking bad if the internet works well enough to watch it