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Thursday, March 16th - To Do

Started 3/16/23 by scapermom; 109 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine going - dog, laundry, kitchen

zone missions are to shine the bathroom sinks and counters and toss/recycle a few things in the stash & dash room

it’s also errand day - I know DD needs to restock a few things in her apt that the psycho took with her (whether they were hers or not). So I’m thinking a Target run may be in order

Need to finish up bills & filing since yesterday got waylaid by Cure tix - I did end up getting for 2 nights - 1 is for my cousin who may have got shut out. 

Well started writing this this morning and just getting back here at almost 3pm


dog walk

time on the stationary bike or another walk around the hood - it’s gorgeous out!

DH picked up some chicken parm from our fave pizza place so easy dinner tonight (mine is gluten free)