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Tuesday, March 21st - To Do

Started 3/21/23 by scapermom; 115 views.
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From: scapermom


It’s plan & play day!

morning routine underway - dogs out, laundry’s going, kitchen tbd after coffee

as for planning, I should do the menu & figure out what day I’m going with my sister to the antique places to see if we can sell any of my moms stuff.

also want to start on mapping out the garden for this year. The overgrown trees are really blocking my usual spots so I need to either move spots or get shade loving plants

zone mission is to attack clothes pile

I have a hair appointment today

planner needs updating

tons of emails to get through

maybe a cvs run for replenishing the otc meds DH has used up

DDs room & bathroom 

tasks I missed from yesterday - trash & dusting

yoga for exercise 

dog walk at some point

ill make the chicken I didn’t make last night for dinner