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Monday, August 21st - To Do

Started Aug-21 by scapermom; 128 views.

From: scapermom


Start the week with a list?

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From: scapermom


Monday & morning routines in full swing - dog, laundry, kitchen along with stripping beds, towels, table linens then sanitizing surfaces

Rest of tasks at 11 with flylady

feeling the need for some yoga or stretching today

weigh in was disappointing- went up 1 and change

new week, new zone - master bedroom & closet. Mission is to spend 15 minutes getting rid of anything that doesnt belong. While I’m up there I’ll also spend 15 in DD’s room cleaning out - looks like a bomb went off in there

update the planner

if I have time & energy I’ll do a quick grocery fill in

I’m on my own for dinner since DH is doing a double - plenty of leftovers for me to tackle

Not sure if Claim to Fame is on, if not I’ll find something 


From: friedchickn


oooooof.  this weekend was alot.  I'm pretty well spent.  

Dh did great at the race.  Saturday was practice runs...and he ate #### more than a few times.  I was 50/50 that he would even race on Sunday.  But he did and he did great...despite the fact that the course was a muddy treacherous mess.

Back to the grind today...went to pilates class, realized I forgot to pay the poor girl last Thursday.  So fixed that.  

Hubby surprised me by picking up the dog from boarding and doing an initial bath...he missed a bunch, but still...saved me like an hour.  also....I don't understand how you cn miss filth on a dog...but hey

Hit the farm...grabbed eggs, fresh corn, sausage and a vase of beautiful flowers...let's see if the kitten can stay out of them.

Just finished receipts, emails and week money....and one check statement.  So I'm taking a short mental break...cause I'm tired...sooooo tired.

There's chicken salad for dh's lunch.  Dinner will be buffalo tips, corn and rice.  Might jazz the rice a bit...might not.  Let's see how I feel later.  I might toss together a small salad for myself too.

So this weekend is the first weekend in what seems like forever that I didn't come home weighing more than I left.  So I'm encouraged that it's possible cause's been a struggle lately.

I've also been able to consistently hit 5000 steps....even on my non active days....I want to look and see how many in a row and then try to keep it going til the end of teh month.  Maybe then I'll add 500 and see if I can keep going.

I've got lunch and games with the ladies....

laundry going...

and that's about it


From: scapermom


Congrats to your DH on the race - sounds pretty grueling

My walking tips - I find when I do 3 20 minute moderate walks (meaning nothing crazy but walking at a good pace with no to little stopping) along with my regular routine I get to 10k steps. I have no fitbit now since it broke and I haven’t replaced it & have been relying th iPhone and that isn’t reliable since i don’t carry it with me all the time


From: friedchickn


If I do a short potty walk with the dog I have no problem hitting the 5000.  But i don't always have time....arrgghhh

Today's scale was down a tick I'm definitely on the right track...