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Wednesday, August 23rd - To Do

Started Aug-23 by scapermom; 145 views.

From: friedchickn


Up early and at it early...sigh.

Had a delightful breakfast sandwich.  So, I'll take it easy at lunch...maybe a salad with some chicken.  and dinner will be the meaty cheesy loaf that didn't happen last night.

Dh was going to go work on the trails...and have some burgers/beers with guys after but it got canceled.  Well...I wasn't cooking dinner last minute.  I was stoked to have a night off.  So leftovers it was.  He'll live.

Scale is slowly creeping downward....whatever I'm doing is working...had to go for a pre-dinner walk with the dog to get the last of my steps in.

So today....

Crossfit workout. at least 5000 steps. piano practice.

Then I'll see what else I'm in the mood for.

I finished the The Court of thornes and roses and ordered the next one....there is only 1 in all of our interlibrary loan and it's out and I'm 2nd in line.  Gonna start a non-fiction book about consumerism next...change things up a bit.

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From: scapermom


Morning routine started - dog needs to wait an hour after her pill to eat now, so that’s always first after potty, laundry started & kitchen almost done- dh left me a sink full of dishes since he packed a full day’s worth of meals for himself 

I need some creative, tasty & low cal/fat ways to make chicken breast so I’ll search some on YouTube this morning while having my coffee

been texting with DD - 1st day of her last semester classes. She at least has a meeting tomorrow with her advisor to flush out what needs to happen for her capstone project so she can graduate in December. I knew the prof was going to be an issue when she moved out of the department

Zone mission is the bedroom closet floor - that’s a big problem area for me. While up there I’ll continue tackling DDs areas

It’s wednesday so bills & what goes with them

Dog walk 

Upper body workout

something with chicken breast & veggies for dinner

Got The Lincoln Highway finally so started reading that 


From: scapermom


Let me know how sucked in to the fantasy world you get. I unfortunately started down a fantasy rabbit hole over the summer by reading the A Court Of Thorns & Roses series as well as the Fourth Wing and this really weird one called The Coven (2nd book is available for pre-order because of course it’s a series lol) 

I honestly got pretty annoyed with the ACOTAR books - I won’t say more so I don’t spoil anything

All I’m saying is it’s not the fantasy of my youth - I was really into Marion Zimmer Bradley in my early 20s - I started with The Mists of Avalon and worked my way through her Darkover series (didn’t know about her abuse charges back then)


From: friedchickn


I'm not usually a fantasy fiction reader at it's new to me.  I did like the second half of the book more than the first since it diverged more from Beauty and the Beast...which somehow helped me get more into it.