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Monday, August 28th - To Do

Started Aug-28 by scapermom; 145 views.

From: scapermom


It’s Monday again and time to list!

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From: scapermom


Juggling morning routine along with the weekly monday chores and texting with DD

Dog’s had her peanut butter pill - i started setting them out like an old person for her otherwise I was missing ones - she goes back on 9/12 for a recheck - she seems absolutely fine tho. I stopped giving her farmers dog & I canceled the subscription. I have a bunch left in the freezer tho. She’s back on her old kibble from costco

Rest of monday tasks at 11 with flylady

new zone is living room until Friday & today’s mission is to dust the Knick knacks

Getting on the elliptical today 

weighed in & lost the pound & change I gained the week before 

update the planner 

Really need to get better about planning meals and maybe even some prep?

owe my sis a call 

Just me for dinner - I’ll make some savory mushroom chicken burgers to have tonight & the rest of the week for lunch

Can i finish Lincoln Highway tonight? Oh & it’s also Claim to Fame night I think?


From: friedchickn


Had to take the car for it's service appointment and just got back...all set and one less thing to think about.

Couldn't go to pilates and I've got too much to do to go to lunch/boggle with the's fine.

Flipped the laundry and started a load of whites.

Forgot my I'm really going to have to make an effort today to keep my streak will be 21 days over 5000.

we have a ton of leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner....

cat litter

bills, receipts, emails and week money.  water plants, pull out the sour dough starter and take my BP.

Started reading Horse by Geraldine's good.


From: scapermom


Im enjoying Lincoln Highway - I can totally see it being made into a movie some day - but it’s a long book and I find myself skimming over the too descriptive parts - that annoys me about a book, when something can be said plainer but it’s not

I put Horse on my hold list - it’s a long list at this point & this looks like an 8 week wait that I’m fine with. I just hope they don’t all become available at the same time


From: friedchickn


That's the trick with the