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Wednesday, August 30th - To Do

Started Aug-30 by scapermom; 119 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the list?

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From: scapermom


Morning routine slowly getting attended - dog refusing to come downstairs, but I’ve got laundry going & started in the kitchen - need to unload dishwasher

DD texted this am - something about tickets i bought for her to a show in September. Have to research and make sure I’ve got them & figure out how to transfer them to her - because who remembers? Not me!

Still doing Duolingo -1162 days today 

zone mission is to remove the things that don’t belong in the family room - do DHs guitars count? 

Thinking of pulling up a walk at home video to do for exercise today

I should do an aldi run for some fill in

dog walk in between rain?

I’ve got leftovers to choose from to eat for dinner 

Finish watching the claim to fame podcast  and read the Highway book - another one I had on hold came through but I was able to delay that a week or so. Going to make a valiant effort to get LH finished today - may have to skim a bit or a lot


From: friedchickn


Busy morning and just getting on here...

Waffles for breakfast.

Volunteered at the clothing exchange...snagged 2 tops for myself...neither fit, LOL.  So I'll be re-donating those next month.  Sigh


Leftover ziti and the saddest spinach ever...heated it all up, tossed in some feta and called it done.

Cleaned up....

Now I'm just sitting and chilling for a bit.  Not much left on my to do list...clean the popcorn maker, practice piano and grate some cheese for smoked chicken nachos for dinner....that's not gonna take 4 hours.  LOL

Already hit my step goal for today...