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Thursday, August 31st - To Do

Started Aug-31 by scapermom; 128 views.

From: scapermom


Full moon & end of month list?

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From: scapermom


Got up a little later since I stayed up reading, but finally finished The Lincoln Highway before it expired - i gave it 4 stars out of the goodreads 5 - but I agree with another reviewer that there was just too much story in it - other than that it waS the best I’ve read in a long while and I may pick up the authors other books

morning routine is plodding along - dog again is still on the steps, guess it’s her new game now? Laundry’s going and kitchen started 

zone mission is to detail vacuum in the living room 

I didn’t make it to aldi yesterday since there were 2 traffic hazards that closed roads on the way- hopefully they’re resolved today and I can get there

back on the elliptical today and may also throw in a plank - i have an audio book that I can listen to now

im all out of bone broth so should make a batch if I have enough bones & veg scraps saved in my freezer bags - i do also like to throw in some chicken feet & not sure I have any of them

took out the last of the chicken breast  for tonight’s dinner - thinking either sheet pan or stir fry or maybe I’ll just throw in the crock this morning and shred? 


From: friedchickn


Where did august go?  Seriously.  

Dh got I spent some time sending money in all the directions.  Also had to check about fireplace inspection, septic pumpout and med card renewal....only med card needed to be done and I was able to get a special labor day price.  Win win.  Love my reminder

Breakfast for me was cantalope and 2 cinnamon rolls I found in the freezer.  Lunch for dh was grilled chicken and bean quesdailla (chicken was in the freezer) and for me will be sweet potato and bean quesadilla (sweet potato was in the freezer too).  

Since I went to pilates and didn't eat til I got back...I'm off by about 3

Dinner tonight will probably be at the bar since dh has his last enduro race of the season.

Need to get 5000 steps for day 24.  I'm about 1/2 way

More reading.  a few things to order.  piano practice...

and that's about it