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Monday, September 18th- To Do

Started Sep-18 by scapermom; 86 views.

From: scapermom


Start the week with a list?

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From: scapermom


Rainy Monday! 

Getting morning & weekly routines going by stripping the bed, towels, table linens, cleaning surfaces and started laundry

Dog’s been out in the wet, and had her food

remembered to weigh when I got up & im up a pound - no more tequila taste tests like we did this weekend I guess? Boo

DD texted to let me know she’s up & on her way to class


Need to unload dishwasher 

Think I’ll do some elliptical today with an audio book or music

Rest of weekly tasks at 11 with flylady

Need to swing by the vet at some point to pick up meds for the dog. She wants to keep her on the liver supplement - her #s went down but are not yet normal

While out I’ll go grocery shopping tho it’s on the other side of town

I made some chicken drumsticks in the crock pot yesterday that we didn’t eat, so they are what’s for dinner tonight

started the 2nd book of the Blood & ash series - not sure why, but I’ll read more today 


From: friedchickn


Today is HECTIC...but I'll get through it.

Dropped the kitten off for her spay at 8, raced to pilates at 8:15, raced home so I would be there for the piano tuner.  And I'll probably be racing to lunch/games with the ladies....

Do I get a shower in there? Probably not?

Only bonus is I'm kinda chained to the desk right bills, emails, receipts, week money and plant watering should be real easy to get done.

All set on laundry...although I'd like to change the linens.  Pillowcases at a minimum.

Need to pull out the sourdough starter and take my blood pressure.

Step goal is up to 5750.  Shouldn't be an issue today.  I'm already 1/2 way there.

Dinner needs to be reallllll simple cause I don't have it in me.