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Wednesday, September 20th - To Do

Started Sep-20 by scapermom; 120 views.
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From: scapermom


Another late rise ugh - but I stayed up late, so expected I guess

getting morning started - dog out & had her pill, next food for us both

need to collect laundry, then do a load, & kitchen to follow


zone mission is to dust

yoga for today’s movement

It’s Wednesday so bills and all that goes with it - im behind with filing 

Dog walk 

Need to ask friends & fam if they want the dog food I have in the freezer since it’s just taking up space here

thinking of ordering some bulk chicken but need to make room first

Plenty of leftovers here for me to eat

more reading of book 2 in blood & ash series 


From: friedchickn


Let's just say that the kitten did not sleep last night in confinement.....

I'm up...I've been up for what feels like forever...I'm just gonna try and do my best today.

Hike with my friend (and the dog) at 10....which will at least knock my step goal off today's list...and the dog walk later.  winning

Sourdough needs feeding

a workout and piano practice

if anything else gets done it'll be a freakin miracle


From: friedchickn


You could always post the dog food on Buy Nothing...i swear they'll take anything


From: scapermom


My sister in law was saying she wanted to try it for her dog - but if they flake out I will look into that