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Fri-yay, September 22nd- To do

Started Sep-22 by scapermom; 90 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list?

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Got up early or earlier than I’ve been. Courtesy of screaming school children waiting for buses…but fine

Morning routine in progress - let the dog out & prepped her pill, then worked on putting the kitchen to rights. Need to do some collecting then I’ll put up a wash


zone mission is to lay out my fave pJs - easy peasy

we’re expecting another storm this weekend so I really should go out and secure or put away lounge chairs and garden stuff. While out I’ll pick the last of the cucumbers & beans. Winter squash are there but still really small. Not sure they’re gonna make it

walk at home video for movement & maybe a plank?

It’s clean out your purse & or car day - so I’ll do that since both need attention

dog walk 

Sheet pan chicken & Brussels sprouts for dinner 

Finished book 2 of Blood & ashes (series & moved to 3 (Gilded Bones). There’s a formula to them where the good stuff comes in at the end, which then makes you want to continue. Put myself on wait list for the next one (two queens) - 10 week wait apparently. I’m also at capacity for holds now -sigh