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Monday, October 30th - To Do

Started Oct-30 by scapermom; 94 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning & monday routines have begun! Stripped bed, towels & table linens, surfaces sanitized, started laundry, tried giving dog her pill but she’s not having it, she had blood on her forehead when she came in and it looks like a cut over her eyebrow… Pain in the butt she is

2 New zones this week - first zone is living room and Wednesday we move to the entrance/dining rm/porch

today’s mission is to spend 15 mins getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the living/family room

habit is still paper clutter until Wednesday - so spend 15 on that 

remembered to weigh and lost another pound (know not how)


rest of weekly tasks at 11 with flylady 

update planner 

Should probably run out for some Halloween candy - Target maybe?

pull some Halloween decor from the basement


pretty wet out so don’t know if I’ll get a dog walk in

 Dinner will either be leftovers or a sausage, sweet potato & veggie sheet pan meal

have the last book from Blood & Ash series to finish reading before it expires in 4 days. It seems like a retelling of the first book by the male main character. Also found the book that’s next in the Throne of Glass series for me on YouTube -some girl is read it on her Twitch stream & has uploaded it to YouTube apparently - but I’ll take it since it’s on my waitlist hold and I’ll likely get it after the book before it 

Last week’s amazing race is still on the DVR too