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Friday, November 3rd - To Do

Started Nov-3 by scapermom; 103 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning bumping along - dog, laundry, kitchen

Dog is loving the cold weather and wants to stay out in the yard forever 

don’t know where I left my phone last night so after coffee I will do a search (lost my glasses the other day & took over an hour to find them - on the hall pantry shelf! Ugh this getting old crap sucks

Zone mission is the dining room table

Holiday cruise mission is to review the holiday budget 

dog walk


Kitchen sink is out of commission until DH borrows a super snake from his buddy. Project sink clean out is for later today & I’ll be assistant plumber.

last night dh came home with steaks to grill so tonight we’ll have the egg roll in a bowl

finished soul & ash. gave it 3 stars - it’s a retelling with only 2 or 3 chapters with new information that moves the story forward. A whole ass book was not needed Basically a waste of author & reader time. Feel like she just cut & pasted from the first book -which I did like, so that’s the reason for the 3 star and not even less. Cash grab?

Next read: audiobook version of Crown of Midnight came available so back to Throne of Glass series if I dare - this series is a heart-wrencher I still think about some parts of previous books frequently and am afraid of how it all shakes out. Also apparently we need to read ALL 3 of these SJM series (ACOTAR, TOG & Crescent City) to get the whole story and be prepared for the next?