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Tuesday November 7th, To Do

Started Nov-7 by scapermom; 92 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Just saw on the top of the page here that we have 91 members? Not sure when or how that happened? Aren’t I the admin? I’ll have to check on it.

getting the morning going - dog, laundry, kitchen

it’s Tuesday - plan & play day

zone mission is to clean at least one shelf in the pantry 

I’ll work on the above while listening to DDs radio show

holiday cruise mission is to work on menu plans & supplies for the holidays

DH & I will go vote at some point

Still doing Duolingo daily

dog walk

Pretty much all the books I was waitlisted for are coming available at once! 4 yesterday & one more today so far! I’m pushing some back and took 3. Going to have to speed read and devote more time to reading I think. I finished Love Hypothesis quickly thankfully and am now on Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass series) 

Workout - did some raking yesterday & that was enough - looking at the yard now & it looks like I did nothing

Going to make a bunch chicken cutlets - dinner & meal prep - some with real bread crumbs for DH & some for me


From: friedchickn


Well my computer and my phone have stopped talking...I don't have time to deal with this today, so I'll just schedule it for tomorrow to deal with.

I have more than a few things left from yesterday...and I'd like to say those will take priority...but they won't.  lol

Blueberry oats for breakfast.  Made some rice to go with the leftover chicken from last night for rice bowls for lunch.  I'm going veggie on mine...I had leftover carrots and turnips.  I'll just add some beans.  Dinner...baked potato soup...and if I get to the grocery for the sale items...chopped tomatoes and chorizo on top.

piano practice and a workout

we won a few items at a charity auction....and a friend picked them up for me, so I have to go grab them from her.

gotta vote

Hoping the rain holds off so I can hike with a friend...great exercise, dog walk included and I get all my steps...its' like a win win win

Started watching the Bear on's good.