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Wednesday, November 8th - 2 Do

Started Nov-8 by scapermom; 80 views.

From: scapermom


3rd time’s a charm list?

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From: scapermom


Not sure what was going on but I have been trying to post for a few hours but it kept disappearing 

Morning routine in full swing - dog done, kitchen & laundry in progress 

Had some baked oatmeal and sausage patties with a side of kale for today’s breakfast 

Zone mission is shine the sink

Holiday mission is to declutter piles

i’ll do a strength workout today

call to arrange boarding for dog

need to make a grocery list then hit aldi

it’s wednesday so I’ll do bills & what goes with that - just realized taxes are due too

just me so I’ll have some of the leftover chicken for dinner. May make a soup with the rest of the uncooked chicken 

Survivor night and I’ll make an effort to finish Heir of Fire so I can move on to the other books on my shelf before they expire


From: friedchickn


Yesterday's computer update caused pure chaos in my I get it...

Busy morning so club and simultaneous furnace service here and at the duplex.  So I've basically just been bopping back and forth and forth and back.

Breakfast, yogurt with raspberries and walnuts.  Lunch...leftovers.  Dinner...making a meaty cheesy with roast beef and swiss.  I'll make a horseradish dip to dress it.

Not sure about anything else today....I'm exhausted and unmotivated...and awful combination.

I'll do stuff, I know i will.  But it def won't be alot.