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Thursday, November 9th - To Do

Started Nov-9 by scapermom; 149 views.

From: friedchickn


I feel ya...seems like i've spent the whole week trying to get my Monday list done.  I need to do a total overhaul of my weekly's a mess and irrelevant now that boating season is over...and winter activities...

Pilates...then i popped into the grocery for chips...gonna use the last of the chicken on nachos.  breakfast..waffle egg sandwiches, lunch leftovers. 

scored marked down 95/5 ground beef for $1.99/lb...need to break it up and freeze.  also need to grind the sage i dried.  and grate cheese for dinner...that'll be my kitchen projects today.



and then keep plugging away at monday, tuesday and now wednesday's all the side lists i've got going.  arrggghhhh

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From: scapermom



Morning fully underway - just finished laundry, dog’s done & not much going on in the kitchen

zone mission is to declutter kitchen counters

holiday cruise mission is to shop for all the non perishables needed for the holidays. I picked some up yesterday but just off the top of my head so I’ll peruse the menu from last year & make a list to get what remains

not doing so great on the menu planning - kind of winging it each day with what I find - got to work on this. Tonight i have more thin sliced chicken to cook

duolingo lesson

Leftovers from yesterday include calling to arrange dog boarding & heading to township to pay taxes

Have to push DD to figure out her thanksgiving break travel plans - she’s got a whole week off this year somehow

I finished reading Heir of Fire so I’ll write a quick review on goodreads & make sure I’m waitlisted for the next book in the series. Even tho they’re not the greatest books, I feel like I have to read the whole series and have become sort of obsessed. This series Throne of Glass is much more YA than ACOTAR in the ‘spice’ category but it’s much more violent (which is worse from a YA perspective if you ask me) 

spend some time on the elliptical - maybe I’ll start Iron Flame while on there

threw the chicken in the crock pot & am making a soup with some leftover broth