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Friday, November 10th - To Do

Started Nov-10 by scapermom; 131 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning in full swing - Dog done, laundry going , kitchen tbd 

unload dishwasher

Dog bowls haven’t been done in too long

last day in kitchen & mission is to sweep & mop 

holiday cruise mission is to check the budget & gift list

workout - thinking yoga to end the week

Didn’t make it to township yesterday so I’ll head there today

also need to call to reserve dog boarding

Dog walk if the rain cooperates

owe my sister a call

really should vacuum family room

DH & I need to go over benefits & pick again

heading to the local BBQ joint for dinner

finished Heir of Fire now have The Queen of Nothing (Last of The Cruel Prince YA fantasy series I think?) Haven’t started Iron Flame yet & really should so I avoid spoilers


From: friedchickn


I'm 11th on the wait list for Tom lake which is the next book club book.....hoping it arrives in time for me to read it.  Might have to see if my friend bought it...she's a buyer...and maybe I can borrow it?

Day 48 1/2 of dealing with my computer/phone issue....I think it's solved now.  Fingers crossed.  It's seriously occupied quite a bit of this week.

Worked out.

Broke out my Thxgiving grocery list and cross-checked against my pantry.  I'll pick up what I need at Wallyworld today while we  are out and about.

Hubby has today far he's solved my computer problem, installed my new printer and worked out....he does not look pleased about how his day off is shaping

Cleaned up and headed out.  We're gonna hit a cute town a few over that has a great brew pub and cute shops...


From: scapermom


If all else fails check YouTube for an audio version of the book. I’m finding a lot on there - some are weirdly sped up or modulated somehow or just read aloud by non professionals that eerily remind me of high school English class lol but it’s still listenable