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Wednesday, November 15th - To Do

Started Nov-15 by scapermom; 102 views.

From: friedchickn


Well....damn...yesterday was alot.

Back at it today....

I've had breakfast, folded the laundry and started on my stair project a bit.  I want to get at least 3 cut today....and I've already pulled 3 trim pieces (the other 1/2 of the project).  I'll be very happy if I can get that done.

I need to drop off a fecal sample...the dog has issues.  I need to stop at walgreens for sale items...and I'd like to make another pass at the butter sale at the grocery.

I have a piano lesson at 3

ANd dinner is pasta with spinach in a vodka sauce.

Also started on dh's xmas list...I have 2 left to get.

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From: scapermom


Bird bath water is frozen & dog is loving it outside 

morning routine underway - dog, laundry,kitchen

today’s zone mission is the tub/shower

holiday mission is to start cards - I need to figure out how many & get some

its my inlaws anniversary so I’ll give them a call & discuss t-day menu with mil

it’s wednesday so bills & receipts to upload (so behind on this)

The library book i took out for DH is overdue! Should renew it cos I know he’s not done - and can’t believe i forgot til now. Wrote it in my planner & everything but missed it somehow. Guess I should be happy he didn’t lose it! Ugh

also Just realized DDs coming home at the end of the week so I’ll start on sprucing up her rooms

dog walk when it warms up

may try elliptical for a bit & listn to Iron Flame 

just me for dinner, but i may make a stew in the instant pot since i have ingredients