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Thursday, November 16th - To Do

Started Nov-16 by scapermom; 124 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on tap for today?


From: friedchickn


Another busy day....I  I keep wondering that myself.

dh left early to get his first truck service.  I got up just after he enjoy some peace and quiet and get a jump on the day.

I pulled all but 1 piece of trim on their stairs (honestly didn't realize i missed one).  Later I'll cut 3 more risers.  at this rate...maybe I can be done this weekend. which will be super nice since it's taking up a good portion of my dining table.

dh is stopping at home depot on his way back from civilization with a hodge podge of items we've been needing.  So that'll be more weekend work

took the sourdough pizza dough out to warm and second rise.  Gonna make pizza for dinner.  it makes 2 small in the pizza one will be a hamburger (relish, mustard, the works and one I'm thinking fig and goat cheese)

I have a book selection committee meeting this afternoon

I'd really like to clean the chandelier over the dining room table...but that might have tp wait til this weekend

Long dog walk.  Had to drop off a poop sample's not been looking greta nad I don't want a thanksgiving week I got some probiotics and some bland diet food...and I'm waiting on a call.

Finished buying dh's xmas gifts yesterday (he gives me a stupidily detailed list).  Just need dd's list....

piano practice

read some more of the Court book....kinda lost momentum now that I have the stair project.

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From: scapermom


Morning started - laundry, dog, kitchen

woke up a bit crippled from the elliptical yesterday - my hips don’t lie lol - I must stretch after I guess. Didn’t think I did enough to warrant it. I’ll do a good stretch today & see if I can get things loosened up

Zone mission is to declutter the laundry room

holiday mission is to replenish supplies - stamps, etc

have to order DDs honor society regalia - hope it comes in time

Took a big break here to deal with DH’s missing password

threw a tri tip in the crock pot for tonight’s dinner

Ill continue sprucing up DDs rooms 

continue listening to Iron Flame