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Monday, November 20th - To Do

Started Nov-20 by scapermom; 76 views.

From: scapermom


What’s up for today?

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From: scapermom


Vacation week for everyone but me so I’m going to have to work around everyone and go off track myself for a bit

Started morning & monday routines since dh left early to go take his parents to appointments and DDs still sleeping

Dog, laundry, kitchen being attended as well as bed stripped, towels & table linens replaced and surfaces sanitized

I’ll do the rest of the monday tasks peacemeal during the next few days

made myself a smoothie for breakfast

new zone is master bedroom & mission is to spend 15 mins under the bed

holiday cruise mission is to swish & swipe bathrooms 

really need to get to store for some thanksgiving things 

need to update the planner/calendar for the week ahead

squeeze in a workout 


dog walk

Reading time will be my vacation time I guess? Barely started Tomorrow etc 

we’re also watching The Flight Attendant S2 to start tonight