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Tuesday, November 21st - Vacay To do

Started Nov-21 by scapermom; 125 views.

From: friedchickn


yesterday just got out of hand....sigh.  so i'm really tackling

i've got all the chopping, dicing, etc done.  cooked the sausage, sliced the salt pork....basically i just need to cook the carrot and the green bean dishes tomorrow...and cut the cranberry lemon bars....easy peasy.

took the kitchen light globes and the dining area globes down...scrubbed and reinstalled.  cleaned all the stainless in the kitchen, including the #### hood which is a giant project.

done so many dishes...including all the serving ware for t day.

2 loads of laundry.

met with the new cleaning lady...she starts next week.

i have a piano lesson shortly...then i'll start on round 2...

dd is coming tonight...with her cat, lord help us all....the kitten and her cat have not met.

having tofu curry for dinner...simple, easy and not a bird, lol.