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Thursday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving To Do

Started Nov-23 by scapermom; 99 views.
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From: scapermom


In full vacay mode here & yesterday i got nothing list worthy done - not even bills!

enjoying some coffee, peace & quiet before the storm of the day

dog’s taken care of and kitchen’s ready for starting all the cooking 

May throw a load of laundry in if I really feel like torturing myself

I didn’t prep as much as I wanted to yesterday since a mean headache started and didn’t end til I went to sleep last night. So I still need to boil potatoes (sweet & yellow) and sautée the mushrooms.

Turkey needs to be prepped then I’ll start a stock and by then the turkey should be ready to go in the oven

Once it’s done, we have to figure out a way to keep it warm until we get to my inlaws house 

we thought one of the  aunts & her 2 daughters would be joining us, but they’re not now since her husbands in the hospital and caught covid somethow while there, so they’re potentially contagious with it and not coming

so i already know there is too much food

we’re supposed to go to my sil’s and see my family for dessert, but we’ll see how we feel

DH wants to bring the dog with us too so she’s not alone all day, so I need to pack her up

I guess i should start prepping some onions, carrots & celery now…

Happy Thanksgiving!