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Tuesday, October 22nd - To Do

Started 10/22/19 by scapermom; 117 views.
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From: scapermom


Got DD up & out. Bus came late. Dog’s been out and fed. Laundry’s started.

Never got to vacuum or mop yesterday, so will try for that today. Supposed to rain later, so not putting a lot of effort into the mopping since it’s a lost cause.

Dog walk early before the rain comes.

Hair appointment early afternoon.

Need to work on expense/budget sheet (so behind on this)

4 min workouts and flights.

May do a walmart or target run - I need ball/mason jars. We’ve broken/lost a bunch of them and my stash is low. DD also needs to get to Michaels or Hobby Lobby since next week is Spirit Week and they go all out. Prep now for less stress later is my motto!

Will the family rebel if I make Eggroll in a bowl again tonight?


From: friedchickn


Dog walker can’t come this afternoon so .... I could leave the dog for 6 hours. He’d probably be fine. But if I ran into any trouble and came home later I’d have a mess to clean. So....guess he’s coming with me. Called my ILs last night to see if they’d watch him while I took my lesson....but it’s super overcast...he doesn’t mind the car. Probably going to make a game time decision. 

Must pack better this time. More water!!!! Dehydration headache last time was NO FUN. Already packed my lunch and I’ll pack dinner for the dog just in case. 

Other than that....flip laundry and start a new load is about all I can get done before hand. 


From: scapermom


What would you do with him while you have your lesson? 

I got one of those dehydration headaches yesterday! 

Good journey!


From: friedchickn


He stays in the car all the time when I run errands...not on hot days or super cold days. Around here...everyone does it. People even tie them up outside stores with no issues....although my guy wouldn’t be ok with that, so I don’t do that.

Down near my piano lesson....I’d be more concerned about some idiot breaking a window to save my totally happy dog.