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Tuesday, January 7th - To Do

Started Jan-7 by scapermom; 88 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list today?

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From: scapermom


DDs on her way to school, laundry’s going, dog’s delt with and DH is home still sick, though moving about and eating a little more than he was, so recovering.

I’ll be on pickup/drop off duty for DD today. Going to see if I can fit in an errand or 2 while I’m doing that. I have the bank and CVS on route.

Should focus on some solicitations - got none done yesterday. Also should finish taking down Christmas tree and various lights DH strung around the house. If he’s up to it I’ll delegate. 

DD has a hair appointment after she gets home, so I’ll take her to that as well. 

Usual dog walk to do, probably not until after the hair cut. 

Have salmon defrosting for dinner.


From: friedchickn


Had a fun spontaneous night last night...friend texted and asked if I wanted to go see Uncut Gems.  Why not?  Totally weird movie....they say it's oscar worthy but I don't was just meh.

Busy day today....I've got a dentist appt a couple towns over.  Then my piano lesson in NH.  Planning on stopping at the NH liquor store (tax and tariff free) and the walmart to pickup a few items we are running low on.

Got my podcasts all downloaded and a new book on my I'm ready!  packed my lunch.  Filled an extra water.

When I get home...I have dinner plans I don't have to worry about my fam!


From: scapermom


Spontaneous nights out are always fun! Haven’t heard of the movie - not as in tune as I used to be. Lots of times there are  weird picks in the mix - remember Birdman a few years back? Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon? My mom fell asleep during that one. Lol!