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Friday, January 17th - To Do

Started Jan-17 by scapermom; 96 views.
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From: scapermom


Up & at em today. Started early with soliciting since I had a burst of energy and figured out how to submit the form for getting Kohl’s employees to help volunteer at the school event in March. Still needed to email the chair with questions since I’m not privy to all. Also not sure how I got involved in this.

Almost time to head out to get DD but first I want to finish laundry.

DH is being laid off for a week or so now since his ID was confiscated - he didn’t have the right papers to renew. Such a pain in the ass all the way around. All because he put a middle initial on his license when he was a teen that wasn’t on any other documents! Also because his passport expired and he idn’t Get his act together to get it renewed in time. I did it all for him (got right form, filled it out & had it ready to go) except couldn’t take his picture for him... so he’s going to get it all going today, but it will take 2 weeks, so he can’t go to work in that time since they won’t let him on the airport without his ID...

rant over...

Have a bunch of little tasks to take care of in between pick ups.

defrosting pork chops for dinner.


From: friedchickn


OMG!!!  That's crazy about his ID.  My MIL had issues with her passport stuff too, some docs had her middle initial and some didn't.  Sigh....seriously.  Hope it all works out quickly and that it doesn't put you guys in too much of a bind.

Couldn't sleep and was up at 6.  So much for sleeping in....

It was still darkish and freezing cold.  Took the dog out and tried to shovel the stairs again, but the wind was insane and I was freezing.  Several hours later I glanced at the temp....1 degree.  Well....righto then.

Ran my errands....picked up my print.  Picked up my earrings and dropped off the pair I want reset.  Got eggs and sausage.  Post office.  And grocery.  Came home with a stuffed car and it took several freezing trips to get everything inside.  Now I'm just unpacking everything and dealing with receipts and lists (love my tablet).

Gonna work out at 2....just waiting on the heat.  Then I'll clean the toilets while i'm gross.

Dh landed at 1.  So he'll be home at 4.  Plenty of time for me to get a few things finished up.

Dinner out tonight!!!!  Dh said he wants Butcher Burger....the local craft burger place where we are "Norm" (Cheers reference!!!!)


From: scapermom


What’s that tablet called again? Does it need WiFi? Would it fit in a bag/purse?


From: friedchickn


It's called reMarkable.  It's slightly smaller than a sheet of like 7.5 x 10 instead of 8.5 by 11.  The sleeve they sell on their site is VERY slim but not my far that's my only negative.  They sell dozens on amazon and etsy.

I got the upgraded pen/stylus cause I like the heft of a real pen and not the feather lightness of a stylus.  Which was a good call....cause I hate the stylus it came with and love the upgraded one.

Does it need wifi?  Like it's own separate account? No.  But to sync your notes and documents it needs to log on to a wifi.  But you can use it independently.