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Friday, January 31st - To Do

Started Jan-31 by scapermom; 73 views.

From: scapermom


How are you ending this month?

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From: scapermom


Another one flew by! DDs on her way to school courtesy of DH.

Usual things to do, like dog walk, laundry, 15 min. Workout (though only got in maybe 10 mins yesterday before being interrupted) and decluttering.

New to my list today is to cancel a recurring online order, a quick vacuum, make some appointments, and make sure DDs got clean clothes for her interview tomorrow (Possible college tuition scholarship). 

Want to make a Costco list for DH since he’s almost out of oatmeal and bought the wrong kind last time that he needs to return there.

Oh and at noon I’ll be online trying to get concert tickets for DD for a show in September - even though she doesn’t know where she’ll be school wise. It’s a long shot to get these tickets anyway. 

Think I’ll do a variation of Eggroll in a bowl tonight using ground beef and broccoli slaw instead of cabbage since that’s what I have. 


From: friedchickn


Fastest month seriously.  wow.

I'm soooooo unbelievably sore.  Yesterday's #### of a shoveling nightmare followed by a wicked intense yoga class (which I probably should have skipped?). workout today.  Unless you consider round 2 of chipping shoveling that I've already completed a workout (which it most definitely was)

Currently trying to figure out how to do a local farm buying club.  There's like no guide and the dude that's "helping" me, isn't very quick on his turnaround with questions.  Sigh.  Sooooooo.

Got my new fitbit band and now I need to figure out how to swap it on.  Zero instructions in the box.  Helpful.  Not.  Of course, right after I bought this one I found a gorgeous one on etsy....still pondering it.

Dh got paid.  So I have to make all the money disappear. 

Might spend 15 min on taxes.  Might do 1 of the last 2 FEMA trainings I need to complete.  Might do nothing.

Dinner is out.  Happy about that.

Piano. Laundry.  Dishes.