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Monday, February 3rd - To Do

Started Feb-3 by scapermom; 57 views.

From: scapermom


What’s your To Do’s?

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From: scapermom


Did I miss posting all weekend? I don’t even know anymore, that’s how discombobulated I’m feeling... Sorry if so!

Ok, new week, new list!

Laundry’s going (on 2nd load), dog’s been delt with, got DD up, fed packed & out.

Today’s Monday, so house blessing is a go. I’ve already done some shining of mirrors & doors, stripped the beds, as well as purged catalogs/papers. 

Took DDs potential prom dresses out of boxes and hung for her to try on again & decide what stays & what goes.

Put in an online order for water filters.

I just listened to a webinar on Health Coaching. Every once in a while I think about doing this. Sounds like too much work & $ at the moment.

Going to do a quick workout now. Dog walk later.

Errands include CVS to pick up meds and grocery shop (since I really depleted what food storage I had with last month’s low spend month). Not going crazy though since I’m going to stick with a smaller budget this month as well.

No idea about dinner. Once I buy things I can plan.


From: friedchickn


Just a normal Monday.

Dh left for his week in CA I spent the day really catching up on a bunch of small things.  Feeling pretty good about myself.  LOL.

So today.  A workout.  Piano practice.  Also want to do a 2 min plank.  Gonna try to add a little extra effort every day...nothing extraordinary...just something.  So today...the plank.

Need I'll stop by the shack later on....and return the old egg cartons cause I know they reuse them.  Not getting any other groceries and going to really try to use what's in the house.  Turned leftover chicken into curried chicken salad and made carrot sticks for lunch.  Pulled a leftover butternut squash mac and cheese out of the freezer that'll be dinner the next 2 nights. Need to figure out something to add to my eggs for breakfast tomorrow....carmelized onions? sausage?  

15 min on taxes cause I really REALLY don't want to.  But 15 min goes by pretty

It's bills, receipts and emails.  Which I already did.

Painted the ugly planter last night during the I'll repot my aloe today and then find it a new home.  Cause it can't stay on the window sill in it's bigger pot. Might bring it up to my office...I have no green up here.

Watched Rambo Last Blood (?)...dh had rented it on teh plane so I jumped on teh free movie.  It was actually pretty good....all things considered.  I also have the new Maleficient in queue...I'll sneak that in this week.  Watched 2 documentaries this weekend...the Taylor Swift one on Netflix, which was awesome...and I'm not a Tay Tay fan.  And an HBO one about Meth in Arkansas that was disturbing.  Need to break out my movie list to see what I'll watch tonight or go surfing through HBO's free movies for February.