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Friday, February 7th - To Do

Started Feb-7 by scapermom; 63 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Not a lot today. DH is driving DD to school and we all got to sleep in an extra half hour. Woohoo! 

I’ll do the regular - dog, laundry, kitchen cleanup and 20 minute workout. Yesterday I wore an arch support and I think it helped my knee/back issues. Also held in that core!

Then I’ll get myself together & head to the library (though I should check hours first). I put a book on hold like 2 days ago and it’s ready already. Nothing exciting, “100 days of real food, on a budget” is the title. I’ve got a stack of ones that I’ve bought (or got as gifts) to read that I haven’t tackled yet. So I won’t look for anymore there.

Lots of emails to go through. Think I’m going to have to go through and unsubscribe again. I get so much junk!

Supposed to rain until after noon so dog walk is on hold until then.

DH wants to visit his parents this afternoon after picking up DD from school. Maybe I’ll join him? See how I feel.

If we go there we’ll do an ‘early bird special’ for dinner with them - hopefully pick something up on the way or take them out? If I stay home I’ll rustle up some leftovers for myself.


From: friedchickn


Oh yesterday went happily sideways and I got absolutely nothing done on my list.  Whoops.  So today....I've reshuffled some things around and I'll do my best on getting some stuff done.  There's always tomorrow.