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Tuesday, February 11th - To Do

Started Feb-11 by scapermom; 72 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got!

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From: scapermom


Rain, rain go away! Going to try to stay out of it. 

Have the usual - kitchen clean up, laundry, dog (though no walkies until later when there’s a break in the rain action), quick workout. The rain is making the knee ache so may switch to yoga today.

Vacuuming that I didn’t get to yesterday.

I’ve got a form to fill out & check to write for DD to get college credits. Fordham’s the only school she's applied to that won’t take them, so they fall further down the list for me. She’s got a total of 11 credits done now I think.

Have to put in an Arbonne order.

Want to practice parallel parking with DD when she gets home. We’ll go to the church lot when the rain stops if it’s not dark yet.

Tonight one of the colleges is doing a webinar on financial aide that I registered for. Hopefully it’s enlightening.  

DH is doing another double, so it’s easy burgers or tacos for DD & I.


From: friedchickn


Dd's AP credits have really really helped.  Don't listen to all those parents/advisors that are saying they won't.  RPI wouldn't give her actual she still had to take Calculus even though she got a 4.  But the credit hours have allowed her to take fewer courses each semester and fewer humanities courses....which at an engineering school are absolute nightmares.  And if you factor in the actual price of a college credit's wellllll worth it.

I remember dh teaching dd to parallel park.  He used all 3 of our cars...parked 2 a substantial space away and then kept making her re-park between them as he narrowed the gap.  After that....everywhere we went, I made her parallel park.  LOL


From: friedchickn


I decided this weekend that I wasn't going down to NH today.  Just taking a week off from all of it.

So....I'll get a workout in and some piano practice. meatloaves and roasted brussels and some good old mac and cheese.  I do need a quick grocery trip and eggs from the shack.

Meeting a friend for lunch!!!  Happy about that.

Might also pop over to the ILs and start working on stuff....I have a small list.  And I have no idea when they'll be back.

And I made some adjustments to the hot tub yesterday and I need to check on it...more adjustments? 

And the random stuff keeps adding up.  I have a shirt that needs mending.  The laundry never got put away after getting folded. More receipts.  And I want to look at my Buying Club order again.

Gonna sneak in a 2 min plank and a chapter of a new book that's due back next week.  

I also got a book on organizing and streamlining and I'd like to work on the office paper chapter.

Obviously...this is not all getting done.