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Wednesday, February 12 - To Do

Started Feb-12 by scapermom; 74 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?

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From: scapermom


DH worked 2 doubles this week, so now he’s off til Sunday. Good for him, not so much for me, since he’ll basically be in my way for the most part unless I give him tasks to do... I find it’s even hard to get a workout in with him around. I have to hide myself away in the bedroom to do it. A couple of times Ive done it while he was napping. He didn’t even wake up once lol! A definite con against the Open Concept house when one person is on a different sleep schedule. 

Have laundry going.  Dogs been delt with. Think we’ll walk her early. Then I’ll get my list together and go grocery shopping. Didn’t buy the essentials in Whole Foods the other day. We’re out of eggs and milk.

Considering slow cooking a whole chicken in the ninja. Not sure I want to leave that running and go out though. 

Have to check if the webinar I missed last night is available as a rerun. Got involved in a movie and completely forgot about it! 

Some basic decluttering & cleanup will get done. Focus is on the main bathroom this week.


From: friedchickn


Shockingly got everything on my list done yesterday.  It helped that dh had calls til 7 so he was out of the way and not a distraction.  Still have some work to do at the ILs (need a supply run) and need to recheck the hot tub (which should be all set now).

Dh's expenses got paid, so I need to send it to the credit card.  And I got another tax form I need to update the taxes (and ask dh a few questions while I have his attention)

Gonna do a quick ROMWOD this morning and then the real workout this afternoon.

Practice piano.

Cat litter and a dump run.

And...another chapter or 2 of my book, if I can squeeze it in.

Tonight....dinner out.  And booze.  Thank goodness for wednesday nights!!!!


From: friedchickn


The Open Concept struggle....that was our last house.  And I hated it.  The living room being open to the kitchen was soo couldn't cook OR cleanup and watch anything at the same time.  And everyone was constantly underfoot.

This house is a much better variation of that....since it's 3 floors and 2 are open is on one on another.  And I love it!!!!