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Tuesday, June 9th - To Do

Started 6/9/20 by scapermom; 104 views.

From: friedchickn


ohhhh I just wiped down my cabinets the other day...someone had sticky fingers so if I had to do one...I just did them all.


From: friedchickn


Getting a slow start.  Damn my shoulders kill from yesterday's workout.....ughhhhh.

Already unloaded the dishwasher and cleared out of the laundry room....dd didn't do laundry this weekend and asked if she could have today instead of wednesday.  It's fine.  I still have 2 loads but it's blankets and no rush.

Piano lesson at 1:15.  Also need to register for fall and pay my summer bill.

Dog claws and dog soon as he eats his breakfast...he's wiped from 2 days on the dock.  Everyone loves him and he just wanders from boat to boat getting love and biscuits.  It's exhausting being the life of the party I guess.

Need to download a new e book too, another heathcare reimbursement receipt, and need to look through the liquor store flyer.

Dinner....chicken pot pie cupcakes....assuming dh and I get back early enough to throw them in the oven.  Otherwise, I guess it's take out.

Crazy opportunity dropped in our lap....not sure how I feel about it yet....but it's still way too early to have to make a call on go or no go....  Dh and I are going to look at it at I have to wrap up my piano lesson quick.

I vacuumed the top floor main floor today.  assuming I can sneak it in between meetings and online classes.  It makes a ton of noise....