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Thursday, June 11th - To Do

Started Jun-11 by scapermom; 61 views.

From: scapermom


List em if ya got em

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From: scapermom


Doesn’t seem like a lot is going on today.

Usual morning, but no one wanted to get up include me! Snooze on the alarm was my friend. But we're all up now. DD is fed and started classes. DH is making breakfast. Dog is eating.

Early dog walk since rain is forecast starting around 11 then for the remainder off and on looks like til saturday.

sent photos of DD to be printed. So will pick them up at walgreens later. Maybe get a few other things while there.

Have to call the accountant. 

bike for 10 then arm workout. Maybe plank? 

Tried getting a book from the library but couldn’t find anything good that was available. They dont even have The Mothers. So DD gave me one of hers The Red Queen. Hope to start it today. 

Flylady mission:

The bathroom sink is calling you! Let's shine our bathroom sinks and counter tops. Scrub the sink and the faucets, wipe down with Windex (remember to be careful that you are not mixing Windex with any bleach products, make sure you rinse very well before using the Windex).
Take time to wipe down your counter tops and give them a shine as well.Your mission for your Stash and Dash space is to go back again to throw away anything that needs to be tossed or recycled. We are going back to do this again because now that we have peeled back one layer it is very possible that there is more to be tossed or another space to toss from.

Dinner - dh wanted steaks last night, he ran out to buy them and he grilled them, so tonight I’ll make meatballs with the turkey and some pasta. Would like to try it all in the IP but i can only have gluten free and they wont touch that. But I’m gonna do the sauce and balls in there at least.


From: friedchickn


Oh boy did yesterday go all wacky.  I was having coffee with my friend and the electrician called and said he'd be there in an hour.  Well.....OK. 

I figured dd's fan would be the easy install and then the IL's fan would be harder....well, dd's fan was a bit of a #### cause the box didn't have a piece it needed.  We were able to steal that piece from the IL's box cause it was going to be a different install anyway...but all that took time to figure out.

And then time stopped...LOL.  Got to the IL's to do the install which went fine...just older home fine.  KWIM?  But my FIL had completely taken apart the bathroom vent/light to replace the light bulb and couldn't get it back together.  Managed to strip screws and all that jazz....why do men do that?  So I fixed that.  And then I was helping him with his new phone.  And then "since you're on a roll"...he tells me he's been unable to get online to his bank account.  So....about an hour later....that's resolved.  

I barely made it home in time to throw all my trash in the car and dash to the dump before it closed.  And that....was basically the whole damn day.

So.....I need to do yesterday and today now.

Made waffles with the damn good.  Started the comforter in the laundry since it takes hours to dry.  And went out to get eggs.

I'm just gonna wait til tomorrow to do the cat litter since that's the new norm now anyways.

piano practice.

yoga at 5.  Might be able to sneak in my romwod and I'll try to get the squat challenge in.

And then I need to do all the acquisition that I didn't get to yesterday....

This week is just blasting past