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Friday, June 12th - To Do

Started Jun-12 by scapermom; 58 views.

From: friedchickn


Dd left early this morning to go visit her BFF.  I'm a little too excited to have a weekend without the kid!!!  LOL.

Slept better and got up ready to attack the day.  Started planting the flowers I bought yesterday and then ended up weeding a giant portion.  there's more to do, of course....but I got a huge section looking tip top.

Put the down comforter away for the season.  I'll have a load of laundry tonight after we work out.

Dh finally got the certificate for the broken dehumidifier, so he ran over to get one.  He just got back.

I'm currently waiting, not so patiently, for the piano tuner.  Which is annoying as all hell.  But a necessary evil.  Hoping he gets here and I can get him set up before I have to leave for the farmer's market.

Still to do: cat litter, cook 3-4 lbs of bacon, workout...

Dh has a call with late tonight I'll probably get a bunch done after he jumps on.