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Tuesday, June 16th - To Do

Started 6/16/20 by friedchickn; 85 views.

From: friedchickn


Where ya at girl???

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From: friedchickn


It's just after noon and I'm about 1/2 way through my not bad at all.

I worked out...10 rounds of running and deadlifts.  I'm now completely exhausted and expect tomorrow to be a very very sore day.

Dishwasher unloaded and I'm just waiting on dh before starting today's load of laundry.

Registered the new dehumidifier, mailed in the voucher for the old one so we can finish that off, submitted a couple healthcare reimbursements and gathered a few more papers for the boat loan.

Tonight's dinner is called a Roadside Hamburger far I cooked the bacon and ground beef...I'm going to make the pie crust later, I plan on making 2 and storing one...its' not that much more effort.

Left to claws and bowls, piano practice, ROMWOD and finish dinner and cleanup....


From: scapermom


OOPSie! Lol Thanks for posting... My day got away from me somehow... been kind of on the go since getting up and never got around to coming on here til now...

so have done the laundry, may throw in another load since the baskets are overflowing. Watched a youtube video while folding/putting away.

worked on a meal plan since I got my butcher box delivery late yesterday. Supposed to be getting a CSA veggie box delivery tonight, so I’ll need to cancel the Misfits Market box or suspend it for growing season. I did like it since it also had fruit. 

DD & I did an early dog walk in between her classes.

Started updating the July calendar since DD got word yesterday that her school IS doing an in person ceremony (of sorts) on the 16th of July. She has also booked herself 3 Online seminars Starting the end of June through July, so now she needs to miss a day already. She’ll get 3 credits though, which will make her start the fall with 14 credits done (if they accept all her dual enrollment ones.)

after lunch I’ll call the vet to make an appointment. She needs a ton of shots according to them. I may need to tone it down a bit or the bill may be astronomical.

Flylady Mission:

We are back in the bathroom and your mission for today is to clean our your bathroom trash can. Use the tub to fill the can with hot water and add some general purpose cleaner or dish soap. Let it soak and then scrub the bottom, the sides and the outside. Turn it over and let it dry in the tub and then put it back before someone needs to bathe and ends up taking a shower with the trash can! This is so simple and makes a difference.
Your mission for the Stash and Dash space is to spend 5 minutes gathering up anything that you can donate or give away that you no longer love, use or need.

Dinner will be Creamy and smoky chipotle pork chops (New recipe I found that looks good) 


From: scapermom


You go girl! I did some push ups yesterday and my Lats? Are killing me today! Running & deadlifts I’d be crippled today! 

Reminds me though I need to get on the bike for 10 mins today at least...