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Saturday, June 27th - To Do

Started Jun-27 by scapermom; 44 views.

From: scapermom


Weekend list if you have one?

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Still no results from all the tests for MIL. They’re saying it’s pneumonia but don’t have cause yet. So we wait. She does seem much better at least - eating and complaining.

DH went down by his dads to help him. He’s diabetic and only has one arm (lost it at 18) so he cannot do a lot for himself. DHs sister is meeting him there to learn how to test his blood etc. I mentioned this years ago when they first came out, but now his sis is looking into those automatic testers that can be worn.

I put in an order from WHole foods. They make it too easy. But they still don’t have a lot in stock. 

Going to try making a veggie meal tonight of butternut squash and black bean tacos. There is leftover chicken and steak for those that don’t want that.