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Tuesday, July 28th - To Do

Started Jul-28 by scapermom; 103 views.
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From: scapermom


Allergies in full bloom here.

Spent some time already running an empty washer since I did the fuzzy throw blankets Yesteday and there were still remains in there.

Dogs’ been fed & out. Walkies early or late.

Put together a costco order, but may just go there myself later want to check out their dorm stuff. 

Need to put the mass & sympathy cards in the mail for the cousins. Stumped by How to address A gay married couple on an envelope. Ah just googled and Martha Stewart to the rescue! 

Plank, arms, maybe a bike session?

Last week of classes for DD. One of the professors said they were assigning things tbd after class ends since there wasn’t enough time. It’s all new and experimental at this point. Early august she’ll get dorm assignment (& random roommate). She also has virtual orientation. Parents are also virtual but we don’t know when yet. I think she registers for classes before the orientation, but that doesn’t make sense. She also needs to take the math & language placement tests. We’ve decided that if most/all classes are online then it’s really not worth all the rules and risks to go on campus. She really wants to go on campus and start the experience so she’s torn. At this point we both with the school would just ‘call it’. They’re already banning students from the states on Como’s List. Ugh!

Dinner plan is taco salads or something with ground beef.


From: friedchickn


Dd keeps saying she just wants someone else to decide for her....we are unclear if she means the University or us....LOL


From: friedchickn


I did my best yesterday...that's all I can ask for.

Today is gonna be busyyyyyyy.

Dh is over at the ILs waiting on the washer.  I'm supposed to go relieve him before 9:45 so he can get back for a work call.  Might try to get the "frost" done on teh windows...maybe one window?

Packed up teh sandals I didn't want and have it ready for return.  So need to drop that off today at the PO

The poor hot tub...

A workout.  A plank.  Maybe a romwod.

piano practice

walgreens log in

dog claws and bowls

cat litter


at 2:30 dh and I are going to go pick out door knobs....cause my ILs front door no longer has a lock set.

at 5, I'm meeting a lady about stained glass feathers....buying 10 for xmas gifts.

Dinner?  Maybe I'll do a quiche....I have a crust....not sure what I have for filling....and then I'll need to go get eggs tomorrow. 

Ugghhhhh.  Make it stop.  LOL.


From: scapermom


Don’t forget today’s mission: 

Zone 5 Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends:This week we are in the Living Room Zone and I want each and every one of you to go into your living rooms and stand there. What do have on these surfaces? Are they the same decorative things that you have always had? Do you really love them? Are they cluttered up with too many things? I am not condemning those things but asking you if they still bring you joy and do you still love seeing them in your living room? Or are you just used to them?
You would be amazed at how much neater your living room will appear by just removing a few things. How much easier would it be to dust these areas without all that stuff?
Your mission is to get rid of the stuff that is cluttering up your living room. Take 5 minutes to let go of some things. I am willing to bet that more of you will find you do want to get rid of some things because they do not bring you joy and you are just used to them being there.

From: friedchickn


This is a good one.....