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Wednesday, July 29th - To Do

Started Jul-29 by scapermom; 81 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your To Do today?

Here’s the Flylady Mission: 

Zone 5 Mission #3 Wednesday
Every Wednesday is Anti-Procrastination Day for FlyLady. This is a day that we take care of things we've been putting off. You can use this day to take care of any procrastinating you've done. You can do things like:
  • Do the Laundry
  • Make doctors appointments
  • Finish that report for work
  • Work on a project with your child
  • Clean the fish tank
You can do whatever you need to take care. This is the day to stop putting things off.
"Procrastination is the death of us, our relationships, and our peace!" ~FlyLady 

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From: scapermom


Usual morning Coffee, laundry, breakfasts & kitchen cleanup.

Going to try for an early dog walk since she’s missed out the last few days when we waited. Just too freaking hot!

Pulled in the CSA bag from the porch. Purple peppers (?), corn, leeks, cantaloupe & beets. Not sure how I’m incorporating it all. Got any good leek recipes? Have to clean, bag & store it.

Couple of errands today - meds at CVS and some fill in veg from the grocery (or maybe costco?) Need basics like carrots & salad.

It’s Wednesday, so I’ll do bills and file. Have some forms to fill out. Also choose what Virtual sessions for parent orientation DH & I will attend on the 7th & 8th. Make sure DD’s check list is done.

Holding off on any more dorm shopping til we find out her room situation. Should check out renting of the micro fridge before there are none left. Though with 3 more states added to the ‘list’ yesterday, there will be a lot less students. Who knows anymore?

Think we may do curbside pickup tonight. Not feeling cooking.


From: friedchickn


Leeks work well in quiche...


From: friedchickn


It's 6 pm and I finally sat down long enough to breathe...sigh

So the hot tub needed a full dump and fill.  Which is fine....except I don't have enough of 2 chemicals...cause I didn't think I'd have to do this til the fall.  The spa store is 2 hours away and there's an additional part I know I'll need soon....and can only order from them so....

I checked on amazon and I can get the 2 2 weeks.  By then it'll be a cesspool.

Dh calls the store and they say they have the 2 chemicals and the part in stock.  Sweet.  So I drive all the way down there and they don't have the part.  They're happy to order it, it's back-ordered, and ship it when it comes in.  Fine.  I get the 2 chemicals and drive home....

Only to realize they over charged I called....and accounting is supposed to get back to me.  Right.  Sigh.  Stupid stupid stupid.'s finally up to temp and mostly stabilized....

Dump run done.

Dog claws and bowls done.

Made a tropical bread pudding.

Worked out

And started a grocery list for tomorrow

Also ordered ant stakes....grrrrr.

Waiting for dh to get off a call so we can go get dinner cause I'm done and I'm not cooking and #### it...