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Thursday, July 30th - To Do

Started Jul-30 by scapermom; 88 views.
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From: scapermom


Laundry’s up, dogs done - walkies tbd early before it heats up and rain falls.

Feel the need for yoga today, so I’ll do a session. Arms too.

started trying to rescue and possibly propagate my lone lavender plant yesterday, will continue that today.

Last day of summer session classes for DD! Though one prof assigned something that’s due next monday. 

Started making a covid ‘go bag’ list for DD. I’m not sure I should pack another bag (that would fit in a suitcase) or give her a list of what to take if for some reason she gets put in quarantine or god forbid tests positive while Up there. Though thinking if she tests positive I would just go pick her up. 

Also, what’s with the parents stirring up trouble with the ‘my kid registered  for their classes already’ when we all know it isn’t happening until next week. Yeah, your kid is more special lady... Whatever 

Duolingo - on day 50!

Think I’ll do pork chops for dinner unless I go to costco and pick up chicken. 

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From: scapermom


Zone 5 Mission #4 Thursday
Today you are going after the trash. Now you may think you have no trash in these rooms but look under the couch and the chairs. Lift up the cushions and check out what seems to magically get swallowed up in the couch. Check under the end tables and the coffee table.
Set your timer for 15 minutes and grab a trash bag and start tossing. You will be surprised at how fast you can do this mission. Be careful not to lift things that are too heavy and awkward on your mission. Ask for help if you need it!

From: friedchickn


Started the day (and partially into this afternoon, I guess) with a wonderful trip to brunch.  A friend opened a new restaurant about an hour from us and we hadn't been yet (just been too busy).  Well....OMG that was absolutely delicioussssss and we will definitely be throwing it into rotation.

Started laundry and checked the hot tub....which is happy as can be....phew.  I'll have to do some more frequent testing over the next week or so to ensure it's happy....but it should be fine for another year or so.  Mental note....dump and refill late next summer to avoid getting surprised.  LOL.

Pulled my sour dough starter out.  Need to feed it in a bit.  Not sure what I'll be doing with the dough again?

Almost finished with a grocery list/menu for this weekend.  Then I'll head out to get that done and hit the PO, which I haven't been to in awhile. 

Should call the spa place again....since they never called me back.  Sigh.

Some more cleaning and errands and organizing....

No workout.  No yoga.  Maybe a plank....

No piano practice.

Just no......

Tonight....taking the extended family bowling.  So I'm off dinner service.  LOL.