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Monday, August 10th - To Do

Started Aug-10 by scapermom; 95 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got!

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From: scapermom


Ok it’s monday, so it’s house bless day. Already stripped one bed. DDs tbd when she’s out of of it.

Starting another Hot Melt Sprint since the lbs just keep coming. Made a batch of soup yesterday and bought supplies. Weighed & measured and did the 4 minute workout. Now coffee. Dog’s got her food. I’m fasting 12:12 today so no food til 10am.

DD starts Her virtual orientation Today. Hers goes all week I think. 

SO she registered for classes. First all but one was online, now that one has fallen too. Is there a reason to go to campus with all classes online and living restrictions? They are giving them a reusable bowl for food since it’s all grab & go back to your room Dining. Since they’ve banned the hot covid states They are providing all services online. We have to give our Answer via an Intention form by wednesday at 5 - thats without knowing their full plan regarding testing, how they will handle and outbreak and what life will look like In general.

I’m having trouble seeing how 2 room mates in a tiny dorm will be able to do classes at same time. Or even not. 

But what will she be missing out on? It’s at the very least different scenery and a chance to be on her own and start something new. Ugh it’s looking like she’ll be home first semester at least. So sad.

I told her she could move rooms and use the spare bedroom upstairs as her ‘dorm/classroom’. Just need to clean it out & redecorate. We’ll start that this week. Currently she’s using what should be a den (used to be her playroom). So she’s kind of tired of those 4 walls.

They’re supposed to be putting out more info today. I don’t know if that’s gonna sway us. My biggest question is if its so safe why are so many classes online only? Are the schools that are back already seeing cases?

Deep breaths...

Going to do a bit of meal prep today. Took out both chicken drumsticks and little steaks. I should be getting another butcher box soon too.


From: friedchickn


Here we are at another Monday....

This weekend was a blast.  So much fun.  But now I'm battered (boat kisses a plenty) and exhausted and staring at a long long week.

Dh made me a lovely omelet for breakfast and now I'm finishing up my coffee.  Dd unloaded the dishwasher and started today's pot of iced coffee...all without being asked!!!  WHAT!!!!  For my part, I started the washing machine and I've got my bras hand soaking.

So....need to unload/unpack the boat bags.  That usually involves plenty of cleaning, a few orders, etc etc.

Today's workout (haven't looked....too afraid), a plank and 3000 steps (this week's walgreen's challenge).  Yoga class at 5.  That should kill me.

Bills, receipts and emails.

Piano practice

Cat litter.

And I need to go to the bank to pull cash.

DD is dog sitting for the next 10 days or she won't really be here....just popping in and out.


From: friedchickn


We are struggling with the very same thing....and trying to get out of her lease.  

The college experience won't be what it should be....they can't socialize or party.  Heck they can't even sit in a giant lecture hall and struggle to see/hear?  So what's the point of sending her back.  

Of course in our case the school is making it difficult to go back too....dd's housing isn't compliant with the new rules and there's a vague threat of expulsion for anyone caught violating.  Sigh.  One of her 2 roommates refuses to go they could all live someone has to move out and noone wants to....

Dd is ok with it...she's spent some time wrapping her head around the inevitable....and now here it is.  Her job is thrilled she's gonna stay.  She might pick up another job once classes start.  She has a few budding friendships.  And a killer tan....LOL


From: scapermom


My niece is in a similar situation with a lease. Not sure what her school is doing though re restrictions. I should check in with my sister in law to see. Its in NJ so unless the governor makes a decision within the next couple of weeks and moves us out of phase 2, the schools along with indoor dining and gyms are closed and out of luck.

We haven’t even seen all the rules For DDs school and new ones pop up everyday on the website. Apparently enough parents emailed them saying what I did - my child cannot sign an intention letter without having first seen the community agreement & housing addendum, so they are now getting those out (albeit on the same day) But at least its something.

DD has 2 classEs with only 6 students in them - how is this not in person? Can they not social distance? I asked her to email the prof.s To see if that might change. 

They did say the intention letter isn’t binding so that if circumstances change, students can change their mind about coming back. 

For spring semester those that opt for remote For fall, will have to reapply for housing then. (If everything goes back to normality by then)

I just am so done with this whole thing. What a time to be starting college... 


From: friedchickn


Yup....all sounds sadly familiar.

The colleges are plowing full speed ahead without giving out any information or details, it's maddening.