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Tuesday, august 25th - To Do

Started Aug-25 by scapermom; 70 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Bad idea for me to start watching youtube videos first thing...

dog’s taken care of & laundry’s started. Enjoying a 2nd cup. Supposed to rain later this afternoon so if I don’t take the dog for an early walk its gonna need to be an after dinner one.

Let’s see - still working on the room cleanout. Wish I had a place to just take everything out and put there. Also getting no help. She started choking from the dust then had to go find cough drops and never returned yesterday. Good act... so I stopped too. But At least I have 3 bags for the donation bins or goodwill (heard that’s open). Oh and she took back a hello kitty shirt. It still fit and it’s back in style or something.

Meal prepping instant pot chicken and sheet pan burgers.

Have to do that Jamie Oliver eggplant sauce/pasta dish. Going to prep it early so no one sees the eggplant in it. He uses fresh sage, but I’m using frozen fresh basil.

Arm workout and plank today. My friend gave me a link to her gyms online workouts so may try another one of those. If not then I’ll get on the bike.

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From: scapermom


Zone 4 Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends: Today is the day to attack the clothes pile. Now you all know what I am talking about. This pile is either on a chair, on top of the hamper, dresser or at the foot of your bed. Set your timer for 15 minutes and grab some hangers or start folding. While you are doing this do not hang up or fold something that you hate! This is the time to let it go!! If you do not love it, send it right out the door!


From: friedchickn


Dh and dd left at 4 am to drive to Troy, pack her things (cause her roommates refused to....including the kitchen supplies....I mean I get J's personal stuff...but geesh) and then drive the long depressing way home.

There's been nasty grams sent to poor dd...because she's taking the kitchen supplies.  Nasty grams about just about everything.  It's just well....going poorly.


Dog has been dealt with.  Picked veggies at the farm.  Got myself some absolutely gorgeous flowers.  And snagged 3 tiny begonias for inside that I'll replant later.

Started laundry.  Rinsed and hung my bras from yesterday.

And sprayed the stove top and the oven with cleaner.

Still left....working out, romwod and my plank.

Piano practice.

Walgreens challenge

Hot tub maintenance...should just need testing.

dog claws and bowls.  Cat claws too

And then just some random puttering around til they get home.....a cap to paint, plants to repot, bead/jewelry crap to sort/organize, etc etc.


From: friedchickn


No pile I guess I'm good.