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Monday, September 7th - To Do

Started Sep-7 by scapermom; 59 views.

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Happy Labor Day! Are you fitting anything from your list in?

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Taking it easy (Sort of) and just doing the basics today from the House blessing list. Think I’ll do the flylady WHB 2 minute challenge - where you spend just 2 minutes on each of the 7 house blessing tasks. It’s amazing what you can get done in those 2 minutes!

When DD gets up I want to take her over to BB&B & maybe staples for some room decor. She needs a few things for her set up. A comfy chair and something to make it look less like an interrogation room.

When dh gets home from work later he’ll make dogs & burgers on bbq. I’ll make Italian potato salad (no mayo with green beans & tomatoes) for a side.

Have one more episode of The Boys to watch tonight. They’re going to drop the rest of the season weekly on Fridays now. Hate that they’re going back to old school way of distributing shows. Having a whole season to binge as you want/can made Netflix & Prime what they are IMHO. 

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The missions don’t take a holiday (apparently) lol

Zone #2 Mission #1 Monday
Dear Friends, Let's take a close look at the gadgets and small appliances. When was the last time you cleaned out your toaster; opened up the bottom and dumped the crumbs? How dingy or dusty is your coffee maker? Do we even want to talk about the blades on the electric can openers? How about the outside of the microwave?Wipe them down and make them shine. I am not telling you to drag out every small kitchen appliance you own and to scrub them. Just wipe down the fingerprints, dust, drips, dried food particles on the most used items. Make sure you unplug these items before you clean them!
Don't obsess, set your timer for 15 minutes and have fun!