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Friday, September 11th - To Do

Started Sep-11 by scapermom; 84 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?


From: friedchickn


Morning...I was up a bit early for idea why.

Made sourdough waffles with yesterday's batter.  So "toy" i've gotten this quarantine.  lol.

Meeting my ladies for a late coffee and chat at 10:30.

Then it's business time....

I'm sooooo sore from Wednesday's quad heavy workout followed by a quad heavy yoga last night.  Might skip today's crossfit workout and focus on 10,000 steps which I have yet to get a 2nd day of....I need 3.  Sigh.

Piano practice

Fold and put away the last load of laundry from yesterday.

cat litter

dog claws....I just dont

I had some stuff shipped to walgreens and I need to pickup Claritin D, which you can't get shipped cause apparently I'm running a meth lab (nope...just allergies)  

And goat cheese pickup at 5:30

Dh and dd are running a 1/2 marathon tomorrow, so we won't be headed to the boat til later on Saturday which gives me a few more hours to get stuff done...lucky me.

Dd has back to back classes today followed by work.  I briefly saw her while she grabbed a waffle.  That might be my last sighting.

Dh has an offer (sort of, they keep dancing around compensation) for a new job.  He's VERY interested....but also unwilling to take a big paycut...some paycut is always expected.  He has another meeting today with the woman who will be his new boss....

and then there's puzzle is coming along nicely.  LOL


From: scapermom


Another chaotic morning. I need to get myself on a routine here. 

dog’s been fed & out. I started laundry and watched most of the 9/11 ceremony this am.

I have a breakfast casserole in the oven. Trying to use up the ton of Deli ham my MIL gave to DH for us. No one here actually eats deli meat sandwiches. So into the casserole it went. Next is the salami.

think I may try to make another keto bread. I’m missing some ingredients tho. So need to get out to the store.

DD has class at 11 then that’s it. She has a 9am on her schedule but the prof is doing it every other week. The other half of the class is on thursday night. So when she has the night class there’s no class the next morning. I get it, i think? I forget how college works. If this is anywhere near how it’s supposed to?

flylady mission

dog walk, arm workout - didn’t get to it yesterday. Maybe plank or bike.

Take -out For dinner tonight. 

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From: scapermom


Good mission today: 

Zone #2 Mission #5 Friday
Dear Friends, Your Mission for today is to fling your way through at least one shelf of your pantry. We all seem to have items in our pantry that we will not use, that we keep shoving to the back because one day we might use them. Donate these items to a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen or church pantry. Toss the open boxes of crackers, open bags of chips and out of date items into the trash.
Set your timer and have fun with this!


From: friedchickn


Don't toss the crackers and chips!!!  Grind those puppies up and use them in a meatloaf....