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Monday, September 21st - To Do

Started Sep-21 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


What’s to do today?

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From: scapermom


Well good thing I didn’t need to rush off anywhere this morning since the dog refuses to come in. She’s loving the cold weather.

On the negative side our upstairs heating unit wouldn’t go on last night when we put it on... ugh always something. DH even went up in the attic and hit it with a wrench (the mechanic’s fix all method lol) but nothing. He thinks its the igniter. Going to put a space heater in DDs ‘school room’ today. Supposed to warm up tomorrow. But we’ll need to deal with getting it fixed soon enough. 

So on to today - it’s monday, so house blessing will happen. Stripped one bed and switched out towels and table linens. Rest of the tasks will happen after more coffee. 

Today’s mission: 

Zone 4: Mission # 1 Monday
Dear Friends:Your mission for today is to grab a trash bag, set the timer and start tossing anything that is trash. Just toss toss toss. Sometimes we have hidden trash in our bedrooms, things that are disguising themselves as necessary items but really they are trash. Toss those magazines, the junk mail that has been tossed in a pile, the old perfumes that are never worn but still have a place on your dresser, the old clothes that are on the chair that need to be donated or tossed but are still there, empty tissue boxes etc. Toss toss toss!

Also need to refine the grocery list. Made a half assed menu plan for the week. Now featuring lunches and possibly breakfasts. 

Need to make hair appointmentS for me & DD.

workout, dog walk

Chicken thighs, patty pan squash & kale chips for dinner 


From: friedchickn


Not sure when I got sooooo behind but man, this week is gonna suck.  I have tons to do and not alot of time or motivation.'s list is long.  And not everything is getting done.  Need to prioritize what will and wont happen.

Priority 1: Goat cheese pickup.  Except her dad died last night my cheese still in the fridge? I don't want to text her with that kinda crap right now, but I also don't want to stiff her if it is. I messaged her...and yes, I feel like an ass doing that....but it's a long drive for an empty fridge.

Priority 2: Need to leave here at 12:30 to drive to Portland to get another laser treatment on my tattoo.  Basically won't be home til 5.

So....while I wait for the goat cheese lady to respond....bills, receipts, emails.  Week money.

Check this week's walgreens challenge

water the plants

fold last night's load of laundry

Then litter, dinner and probably just a romwod and maybe this week's fitness challenge...30 s bridge pose.

Sending dd to the grocery to get a few things between assignments