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Friday, October 2nd - To Do

Started Oct-2 by scapermom; 93 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list for today?

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From: scapermom


Did not want to get up today. But here I am. Laundry’s going. Dogs been mostly taken care of. Need to clean her bowls today.

DH is heading to his parents to make his dad breakfast and then take his mom to her therapy appointment and shopping. He’s also going to put in a grab rail for his dad on the steps going to the garage. He’s only got one arm (Lost it in his teens) which makes life a lot harder, especially now that he’s in his 80s.

Think I’ll start the day with a workout.

Want to take out some halloween decorations to be a little festive. I have no idea what the plan is for trick or treating. DD was saying some people were talking about dressing up in costume and doing some sort of virtual party, but she’s kind of over all these virtual things. Its just making her more aware of her isolation at this point. 

Have a bunch of mail to go through E as well as physical.

May take a ride to Aldi later. I heard they have canned pumpkin. DH scored some disinfectant wipes at Costco yesterday from a tip I saw on FaceBook (it’s good for something at least!)

Lunch - still have leftover chicken to make disappear or freeze at this point.

Dinner - the sausage I took out yesterday to defrost but wasnt defrosted in time for making dinner. May make the Zuppa di toscana recipe I’ve seen floating around. I’ve got everything & it’s a cold rainy day, perfect for it. I’ll tell DH to pick up some crusty bread for him & DD in his travels.